Gary Barlow Bio


CHILDREN- DANIEL ( 2000) EMILY ( 2002) Daisy (2009)

Gary began is musical carreer at an early age. He discovered his love for music when his parents bought him a keyboard for Christmas when he was young. At age 11 he started to work part time in Labour Clubs. His first club was "Connah's Quay Labor Club" in North Wales. He worked most Saturday nights there. His next club was Halton British Legion . He played every weekend and sometimes 4 gigs a day. He mainly sang cover songs and accompanied other singers such as Ken Dodd.

At 15 he entered a Christmas songwriting competition for the BBC Pebble Mill. He wrote " A song for Christmas " . He made it to the semi finals of the competion which enabled him to record his first single . Gary went to London to record his song with a full band and backing singers. They also video taped the performance.

Although he did not win the competition, he caught the musical bug and he made a lot of strong contacts in the music business. He met Bob Howes and Rod Argent. In the next few years Gary would send Rod various songs he wrote for advise

When he saw an ad for a band audition in Manchester , Gary sent some cassettes of his songs to Nigel Martin-Smith who had placed the ad . Nigel was impressed with Gary's song writing skills and his singing abilities and decided to have him join TT.

He met, Mark, Jason, Howard and Robbie and TT was formed. Gary wrote and sang most of TT singles with a few exceptions. Two TT songs "Pray" and "Back for Good" earned him 4 Ivor Novello song writing awards.

After TT split , Gary began his solo career. He released his first single "Forever Love" in 1996 which went straight to #3 on the UK charts and was a hit single in the rest of Europe. His first album "Open Road" was released in 1997 and did very well on the charts. That album spawned the hit singles , "Forever Love", "Love won't wait", "So help me Girl" and "Open Road" . "So help me girl" was also a top 40 hit on the US charts.

His second album was relased in 1999 called " 12 months 11 days". This spawed the following singles "Stronger" and "For all that you want".

The press finally got to Gary which waged a vendetta againist him. This resulted in lack of sales for his last album and single. In 2000 his record label dropped him.

Gary went back to his love of song writing. After a song writing stint in the US in 2001 started a song writing partnership with Elliot Kennedy and Tim Woodcock called True North Productions.

With True North Production , Gary wrote songs for Donny Osmond, Blue, Mark Owen, Charlotte Church, Katherine Jenkins and Delta Goodrum to name a few.

In 2005 TT was reformed and Gary was part of it. They have enjoyed success with a reunion tour in 2006 and new album called "Beautiful World" in 2007 and a corresponding tour.

He is still part of True North Production and he is currently writing songs for a UK movie called "Brittania High".
Gary has also wrote in 2008 for John Barrowman, New Kids on the Block and a song from the show "Viva La Diva".
Gary is also an published writer. In 1996 he released his autobiograhy "My Take" based on his in TT.
Gary was awarded his own label by Universal called "Future Records". His first signing was Camilla Kerslake . Her 1st album is due to be released Nov 2009

On personal level , Gary married his girlfriend Dawn Andrews in 2000. Dawn was a Take That dancer in the 90's and part of their 2 current tours today .They have 3 children, Daniel (2000) and Emily ( 2002). Gary and Dawn gave birth to daughter Daisy in Jan 2009.